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EP 0685265 B1 20000202 - Clamping ring closure for a multi-part centrifuge casing

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Clamping ring closure for a multi-part centrifuge casing

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Spannringverschluss für ein mehrteiliges Zentrifugengehäuse

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Anneau de serrage pour la fermeture d'une enceinte de centrifugeuse à plusieurs parties


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[origin: DE4419302C1] An assembly links two parts of a filter (1) centrifuge by means of a ring which is tensioned by a self-locking lever. The locking lever comprises two open ring (9) ends (12,13) in which a 1st and a 2nd articulated lever (15 and 17) and a 2nd articulated joint (14 and 16) are linked. A turning shaft (10) passes through the wall between the machinery chamber (M) and the clean chamber (R) in which it links with two curved articulated levers which open and shut the ring ends.

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