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EP 0688112 B1 2001-05-16 - Program interruption control method of RDS receiver

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Program interruption control method of RDS receiver

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Verfahren eines RDS Empfängers zur Steuerung einer Programmunterbrechung

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Méthode dans un récepteur RDS pour contrôler l'interruption d'un programme


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[origin: EP0688112A1] A reception control method whereby when an interruption reception is performed to an arbitrary information program of other network, a reception situation of the information program of the other network of which the broadcasting was started is correctly notified to the user and a proper correspondence can be used in accordance with the reception situation. When a PTY burst signal such that same EON information of the group type 14A and comprising an information classification code (Usage Code = 13) of the second block is transmitted a plurality of number of times in a short time is received, whether a preset information program of which the interruption reception is desired coincides with an information program shown by a program type code (PTY(ON)) in the received PTY burst signal or not is detected. When they coincide, whether broadcasting station frequency data of the other network which broadcasts the relevant information program has already been read in a memory in the receiver or not is detected. When the broadcasting station frequency data is not read yet, such a fact is notified by a desired method. <IMAGE>

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