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EP 0689222 B1 2000-01-19 - Method of manufacturing micropoint electron source

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Method of manufacturing micropoint electron source

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Herstellungsverfahren einer Mikrospitzelektronenquelle

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Procédé de réalisation de sources d'électrons à micropointes


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[origin: FR2719156A1] A micro-tip electron source has micro-tips, each of which consists of a first frusto-conical portion (20) of a first conductive material and a second conical tip portion deposited on the first portion and made of a second conductive material which can be thinned by selective etching w.r.t. the first material. Pref. the first material is Nb and the second material is Mo, Si, Cr, Fe or Ni. Also claimed is a cathodoluminescent display device including the above micro-tip electron source. Pref. the height of the first portion (20) is such that its top is at the same level as the lower plane (I) of the grids (10a) of the source. The micro-tips are pref. subjected to cleaning and the second tip portion is subjected to thinning by surface etching.

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