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EP 0695986 B1 20000531 - System and method for providing access protection on media storage devices

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System and method for providing access protection on media storage devices

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System und Verfahren zur Versorgung des Zugriffsschutzes auf Informationsspeichereinrichtung

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Système et méthode pour fournir la protection d'accès aux dispositifs de stockage d'information


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[origin: EP0695986A1] A method and system for limiting access to a media storage device such as a tape drive unit. In accordance with the inventive method, a set of control parameters is generated for the device for a given application program. A tape control unit uses the parameters to process commands from the application program and thereby control access to the tape. In an illustrative application, an extent is defined on the tape and controls are defined which govern the type of access permitted within the extent. The system rejects any commands which attempt to access medium outside of the defined extent. Write and formatting commands within the extent are limited and partition changes, loads and unloads are prohibited. <MATH>

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