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EP 0697364 B1 2000-04-26 - Lifting ring for lateral loads

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Lifting ring for lateral loads

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Hebering zum Aufnehmen von seitlichen Lasten

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Anneau de levage pour la prise latérale de charges


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[origin: EP0697364A1] The ring consists of a shaft (1) with a threaded shank (2) designed to screw into a threaded hole in the load to be lifted, and a head (7). The shaft is surrounded by a one-piece intermediate member (4) which can rotate through 360 degrees and has radial projections (8,8') for a swivelling coupling loop (10). A threaded thrust base (3) is screwed onto the shank and locked in place, with the intermediate member rotatable about the base and held axially between projecting sections (5,6) of the base and head. The outer face of the base, which presses against the load, has a slight inward inclination. The base can be locked onto the shank with an adhesive which cannot be removed without special treatment.

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