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EP 0697486 B1 2000-04-12 - Uni-Socket for connecting a tube with a base plate

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Uni-Socket for connecting a tube with a base plate

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Uni-Einsteckhülse zum Befestigen eines Rohrprofils in einer Fussplatte

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Uni-Douille pour la liaison d'un tube avec une semelle formant socle


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[origin: EP0697486A1] The universal plug-in casing includes side brackets (1) which are used with countersunk screws (2) to fix the universal casing to any type of cone base. The tube supporting the traffic sign is inserted into the central section of the casing, which may have a rectangular, round or square cross section to match the shape of tubing to be inserted. The casing includes a number of outer divisions (3), together with reinforcing inside the central section (4) to ensure a firm connection between the base plate, universal casing and tubular sign support, despite variations in size and depth, integral channels drain off rain water to protect any electrical equipment inside the sign.

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