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EP 0699803 B1 2000-01-12 - Offshore drilling or production platform with anchoring means

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Offshore drilling or production platform with anchoring means

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Bohr- oder Produktionsinsel versehen mit Mittel zum Verankern auf dem Meeresboden

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Plate-forme pétrolière de forage ou d'exploitation en mer, pourvue de moyens perfectionnés d'ancrage dans le sol marin


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[origin: EP0699803A1] An off-shore drilling platform is mounted on hollow support legs and large circular feet. Piles are mounted in a guide assembly inside each leg. A hydraulic hammer is used to drive the piles through the feet into the seabed. The feet have three drilled protrusions through which two smaller piles are driven to prevent movement during the main pile-driving. A platform shell (1) is supported on three legs (2) with three large circular feet (3). A central disc (4) carries the piles (5) in a guide assembly (14). The piles (5) are driven into the seabed by a hydraulic hammer (8) suspended by a cable (9) from a cage (7). The feet (3) are held in place by smaller piles (12) driven through drilled protrusions (10).

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