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Damping unit of an offset printing machine

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Feuchtwerk einer Offsetrotationsdruckmaschine

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Dispositif de mouillage d'une machine à imprimer offset


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[origin: EP0700782A2] The moisture dosing of the process roller is via a pickup roller (3) partially in the fluid reservoir and transferring a controlled feed to an applicator roller (2) in contact with the process roller (1). A pressure roller (4) in variable contact with the pickup roller controls the rate of pickup which is measured by a thickness monitor (22) with feedback control for the roller position mountings. These have mounting arms (7, 11) moved by servo motors (12, 16). The processor control (18) monitors the measured signals and adjusts the main mounting arm (7) to vary the contact between the pickup roller and applicator roller. The pressure roller has an adjuster arm (11) with an eccentric axle mounting (8, 9) to vary the pressure onto the pickup roller.

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