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EP 0701889 B1 20020724 - Isostatic die for pressing ceramic tiles and method for manufacturing the tiles

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Isostatic die for pressing ceramic tiles and method for manufacturing the tiles

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Form zum isostatischen Pressen von Keramikfliesen und Verfahren zum Herstelllen der Fliesen

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Matrice pour le pressage isostatique de carreaux en céramique et procédé de fabrication des carreaux


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0701889A2] The isobaric die for pressing ceramic tiles comprises a semi-die (1) having a plate (6;39;42;48,48a) delimiting a cavity (7) of the semi-die (1) in which is contained an incompressible fluid (F) and anchored to the said semi-die (1) by means of an elastic component (2;68) sealing the incompressible fluid inside the said cavity, the said plate (6;39;42;48,48a) being free to perform limited displacements closer to, and further from, the bottom of the cavity (7), the plate (6;39;48,48a) being provided with openings (22a;40;43) passing through it. This affords the particular advantage of obtaining uniform pressing whilst maintaining a substantially homogeneous thickness of the tile, due to the discontinuities in the plate (6;39;48;48a) acting in a differentiated manner on the various areas of the surface of the membrane (2;68) in function of the loads transmitted locally by the powders during pressing. <IMAGE>

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