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EP 0703403 B1 2000-05-31 - Vehicle headlight with a complex-surface reflector

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Vehicle headlight with a complex-surface reflector

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Kraftfahrzeugscheinwerfer mit einem eine komplexe Oberfläche aufweisenden Reflektor

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Phare de véhicule à réflecteur à surface complexe


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[origin: EP0703403A1] A headlight (1) presenting a light source (3), a reflector (5), and a prismed lens in front of the reflector, wherein the reflector (5) picks up the source emitted light 360 DEG about the source, and wherein the source (3) is aligned with the optical axis (Ao) of the headlight; the reflector (5) presenting a complex reflecting surface (7) in turn presenting a number of different sectors (9,10,13,14,19,20,21) connected substantially seamlessly, none of which is defined by a surface of revolution, and most of which are defined by surfaces generated by translating a generating base curve - defined in a first plane - along a supporting curve defined in a second plane perpendicular to the first. <IMAGE> <IMAGE>

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