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EP 0704872 B1 2000-05-10 - Middle voltage interruptor or circuit breaker

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Middle voltage interruptor or circuit breaker

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Mittelspannungsschalter oder Schutzschalter

Title (fr)

Interrupteur ou disjoncteur moyenne tension


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[origin: EP0704872A1] The circuit breaker includes an energy store (A) which comprises a drive (4) in the form of a frame sliding in a fixed support (6) and housed in the arc chamber (5). The upper part (4a) of the drive is supported on one end (3a) of a compression spring (3) and the lower part (4b) of the drive joins with the control mechanism (C) of the moving contact (2). When the closure operation occurs, the arc contacts (1, 2) first close and then the spring is compressed so that it acts on the moving contact (2), allowing rapid release of energy on opening. The control mechanism is connected to the moving contact passing through a neutral position (S) joining the lower part of the drive.

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