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EP 0707896 B1 2002-09-04 - Device for applying glue and its nozzle plate

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Device for applying glue and its nozzle plate

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Vorrichtung zum Auftragen von Leim oder dergleichen und dafür geeignete Düsenplatte

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Dispositif d'application de colle et plaque à buse pour le dispositif


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[origin: EP0707896A1] Strips of liquid such as glue are spread onto a flat surface via a head containing small-diameter outlets (29). The head and surface move in relation to each other. The glue etc. is delivered to the outlets under pressure. The outlets are contained in a common surface. They are contained in two or more rows (32,33) close together and one behind the other in the direction of relative movement (4). The distances between adjacent outlets are such that the strips emerging for them come into contact with each other along their side edges. Where there are three or more rows of outlets, these can run in oblique lines in the same direction.

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