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Washing and/or drying machines, incorporating a light

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Maschinen zum Waschen und/oder zum Trocknen mit einer Beleuchtung

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Machines à laver et/ou à sécher incorporant un éclairage


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[origin: EP0709513A1] A washing and/or drying machine is described, such as a laundry washing machine or a dishwashing machine, comprising all the known elements for its functioning, from among which: an electric control and actuation circuit (30) comprising a plurality of agent devices, for executing the functions for which the machine is proposed (washing and/or drying of laundry or dishes), and one or more command means (5-8) for the manual selection of the modes of use the machine, a main power switch (9) for enabling/disabling the power supply to said electric control and actuation circuit (30), a light (23). The main characteristic of the described washing and/or drying machine is that the light (23) is connected to the electrical mains (L,N) before the main power switch (9), so as that it can be electrically supplied independently from the state of said main power switch (9) and that the electrical supply of the light (23) is enabled by way of switching means (25-27) activated by way of at least a first (5) of said command means (5-8), said first command means (5) being mainly produced for the selecting of other modes of use of the machine. <IMAGE>

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