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EP 0709516 B1 20000209 - Monitoring device for the cleaning of the condenser of a drier

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Monitoring device for the cleaning of the condenser of a drier

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Überwachungsvorrichtung für die Reinigung des Kondensators eines Trockners

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Dispositif de signalisation pour le nettoyage d'un condenseur de sèche-linge


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[origin: EP0709516A1] A signal system for a laundry condenser drying has at least one mechanical memory (1), a non-volatile electronic memory (2) with an incremental unit (3) and an alarm (3, 5). The incremental unit (3) acts with the electronic memory (2) on each drying cycle while the mechanical memory (1) has not stored the removal and replacement of the condenser in the dryer. The electronic memory (2) is restarted on each replacement of the condenser. The alarm system signals the drying of the condenser when the electronic memory has achieved a set count. The electronic memory (2) is an EEPROM, and the set count of cycles is pref. 30.

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