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EP 0709621 B1 2000-04-05 - Air-atomized oil burner

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Air-atomized oil burner

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Ölbrenner mit Druckluftzerstäuber

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Brûleur à huile avec pulvérisateur à air


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[origin: EP0709621A2] The air-atomized oil burner comprises three coaxial tubes (2, 3, 5), the innermost one (2) being designed to feed fuel oil, while the middle one (3) and outermost one (5) are fed by the same air supply at low pressure and ambient temperature, and comprises also an atomizing nozzle (7) consisting of a head (8) fitted to the innermost tube (2) and having peripheral grooves (10) extending at an angle with respect to the axis of the head (8) and terminating at a conical section (11) of the head (8) itself, and of a casing (12) which closes the said middle tube (3) and which has an axial hole (13) for housing the said head (8); in the axial hole (13) the head (8) defines a small sized atomization chamber (16) into which the grooves (10) and the fuel oil feed holes (17) lead in perpendicular directions; the atomization chamber (16) feeds the atomized oil along the middle tube (3) where it is mixed with secondary air (6) fed through radial holes (19) made in the middle tube (3) itself. <IMAGE>

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