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EP 0709914 B1 2000-01-12 - RF seeker head antenna system for missiles

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RF seeker head antenna system for missiles

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HF-Suchkopf-Antennensystem für Flugkörper

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Système d'antenne d'une tête chercheuse-HF pour missiles


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[origin: EP0709914A1] The search heads are part of an hf antenna system disposed on an e.g. dielectric carrier plate. The antenna system is composed of a group of four logarithmic-periodic cross-dipole antennas. The dipole axes are inclined towards each other in the radiating direction. Sum and difference diagrams are obtained using a monopole supply network in azimuth and elevation. The phase centres of the active cross-dipoles are separated by a maximum of 0.7<*>lambda. The system may also include optronic or millimetre wave sensors.

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