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Document retainer

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Haltevorrichtung für Dokument

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Dispositif de maintien pour document


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0710453A2] The document retainer (22) comprises a plurality of receptacles (14), each for receiving and holding a document (12); sensing means (108) associated with each of the receptacles (14) for detecting the presence or absence of a document in the receptacle; an electronic circuit (34, 110) responsive to the sensing means and being energized by a power supply (110) upon detection of a document withdrawn from the receptacle, the electronic circuit (34, 110) including an audible alarm (19) operable to provide an audible signal, time delay means (1214) in combination with the audible alarm (18) and being operable to connect the audible alarm to said power supply (110) after a predetermined time has elapsed after energization of the electronic circuit, and switch means (118) in communication with the time delay means (114), the switch means being manually actuable to reset the time delay means to inhibit the audible alarm (18) from sounding.

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