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EP 0711607 B1 2000-07-12 - Process for operating a screw centrifuge

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Process for operating a screw centrifuge

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Verfahren zum Betrieb von Schneckenzentrifugen

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Procédé de fonctionnement des centrifugeuses à vis


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[origin: EP0711607A1] A process for operating a worm centrifuge for sepg. liq.-solid mixts. in light (liq.) and heavy (solid) materials, consists of a cylindrical centrifuge drum with a conical drum end, which can be rotated about its longitudinal axis. The drum wall surrounds an advancing worm and has an outlet for the sepd. material. The radial spacing of the outlet opening from the drum axis is less than the spacing of the drum wall from the axis. The rotational speeds of the centrifuge drum and the advancing worm are almost the same when the unit is turned off, and heavy materials remain in the unit. When the unit is started up, the rotational speeds are the same. The worm speed is adjusted once the min. drum speed is reached.

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