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Sealing means

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Moyens d'étanchités


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[origin: EP0712968A2] A sealing means at the lower end of a mechanical filter for removing particles carried by a stream of water in a channel (10). The filter comprises a screen consisting of respectively fixed (12) and movable (13) lamellar bars that form an inclined plane down into the water stream. The edges of the bars facing the water flow direction are stair-shaped. The movable lamellar bars (13) are interconnected in parallel to form at least one bar screen, which is operated by means of a driving mechanism placed at the upper end of the removing device. It produces a closed circuit motion in the plane of the bars, with a motion component in an upward direction that exceeds the stair height of the bars. Each respective movable bar (13) is at its lower end equipped with a flexibly connected fingertip (14), which is pivoting in a vertical plane and displaceable, with its outermost end (16) in a sliding bearing, forward and backward along the channel bottom (10), during the motion of the screen. <IMAGE>

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