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EP 0712979 B1 20000202 - Method and apparatus to lock and unlock a closing device

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Method and apparatus to lock and unlock a closing device

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Ver- und Entriegeln einer Schliessvorrichtung

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Méthode et appareil pour verrouilles et déverrouiller un dispositif de fermeture


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[origin: EP0712979A1] The method involves determining an activating code using three locking functions. The second and third functions are additional to the first lock, formed between the housing (2), inner cylinder (3) and a set of rotatable disc retainers (4). Through a long sliding and turning of the key (1), an activation, or more precisely, a deactivation of the locking function and thus of the coded sequence is activated to lock or unlock the locking component. The second locking function is formed between the housing and the inner cylinder, while the third is between the cylinder and the set of retainers.

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