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EP 0713777 B1 20000315 - Arrangement of individual ink printing modules for an ink printing head

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Arrangement of individual ink printing modules for an ink printing head

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Anordnung für einen Tintendruckkopf aus einzelnen Tintendruckmodulen

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Agencement de modules individuels d'impression à encre pour une tête d'impression à encre


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[origin: DE4443254C1] The individual modules (1,3,5) form a stack with spacers (2,4). Plate-shaped piezoelectric actuators (11,31,51) with electrodes on both sides are mounted on membrane plates above ink printing chambers and contact conducting paths on them. The identical modules are mutually offset with nozzle rows mutually offset by gaps. The identical, plate-shaped spacers fix the modules with the desired offset as well as separation. Each piezoelectric actuator has active and inactive regions. A common electrode (112,312,512) extends over all inactive regions. Actuator driver circuits (12,32,52) are mounted on the membrane plates and corresp. connected to the conducting tracks (13,33,53). Each module has a plug connector (14,34,54) connected to the corresp. track. The tracks extend from one membrane plate (15,35,55) over at least one lateral module surface to the other membrane plate (17,37,57).

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