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EP 0713780 B1 2000-04-26 - Serial recording apparatus for bidirectional recording

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Serial recording apparatus for bidirectional recording

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Bidirektionales Serienaufzeichnungsgerät

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Dispositif d'enregistrement bidirectionnel en série


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[origin: EP0713780A2] A serial recording apparatus for reciprocating a recording head with respect to a recording medium to perform bidirectional recording includes a position detector for detecting a reference position of the recording head, a driving unit for reciprocating the recording head within a predetermined area including the reference position, a calculating unit for calculating a difference between reference positions detected by the position detector by reciprocal movement when the recording head is reciprocated by the driving unit within the predetermined area, and a correcting unit for correcting a positional error in bidirectional recording on the basis of the difference calculated by the calculating unit. <IMAGE>

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