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EP 0715084 B1 20000517 - A conical rotary actuator and its application to control an aircraft hinge

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A conical rotary actuator and its application to control an aircraft hinge

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Konischer Drehflügelantrieb und seine Verwendung zur Steuerung eines Scharniers eines Flugzeuges

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Vérin rotatif conique et son application à la commande d'une gouverne d'aéronef


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[origin: EP0715084A1] The cylinder consists of coaxially inner (32) and outer (34) housings enclosing at least one annular space containing two sets of vanes (40,44) one fixed to each housing and located alternately inside the space(s) to form variable-volume control chambers. At least one of the two housings has a variable cross-section, so that the vanes' width decreases from one end to the other. The other housing has a constant cross-section, while the inner one has truncated conical and cylindrical sections (38a,38b), meeting at the smaller end of the truncated conical section. The inner and outer housings form, respectively, a rotor and stator, with the inner housing linked to a heating fluid circuit.

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