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EP 0716272 B1 20000119 - Low-noise fume extracting hood

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Low-noise fume extracting hood

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Geräuschreduzierte Dunstabzugshaube

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Hotte d'évacuation de fumées à bruit réduit


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[origin: EP0716272A2] The hood has a casing with filter, induction aperture and output aperture partly covered with soundproofing material, and a fan in the casing. Sound-proof material (20, 21) is fitted in the casing, at least opposite each input aperture (32, 33) of the fan (30) in the casing (10). The sound-proof material is spaced away from the opposite input aperture by at least half the radius of the fanwheel (37). The sound-proof material opposite a single input aperture has a surface of at least as large as that of a disc of the same radius as the fanwheel.

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GB 1018084 A 19660126 - SOUND CONTROL LTD

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