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EP 0717199 B1 2000-04-19 - Flat-type fluid cylinder

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Flat-type fluid cylinder

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Arbeitszylinder in Flachbauweise

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Vérin de travail du type plat


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[origin: EP0717199A1] The piston (15) and driven rod (22) are axially spaced apart and connected by an intermediate connecting rod (16). A partition (12) inside the interior (3) of the housing is axially spaced apart from the open end (6) of the housing on which the driven rod protrudes. The partition is axially positioned between the piston and the driven rod and is penetrated axially by the connecting rod. The partition divides the lengthwise section of the interior between the piston and open housing end into a second operating chamber (33) positioned on the side facing the piston, and a guide chamber (14) positioned on the side facing the piston. The second operating chamber has an opening (35) for the inflow or outflow of pressurised fluid. The guide chamber receives that part of the driven rod inside the interior.

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