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EP 0718013 B1 2000-04-19 - Method for the treatment of ski edges etc.

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Method for the treatment of ski edges etc.

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Verfahren zur Bearbeitung von Stahlkanten für Ski od. dgl.

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Procédé de traitement des carres de skis etc.


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[origin: EP0718013A2] The ski edge hardening system uses a plasma beam for rapid heating of the ski edge, with subsequent rapid cooling to obtain the required hardening. An electric arc is obtained between the cathode and the anode electrode of the plasma head, through which a gas flow is passed to provide the plasma beam, the ski edge acting as the anode electrode. Pref. the plasma head and the ski edge are displaced relative to one another in the longitudinal direction of the ski edge for accurate determination of the energy supplied to the ski edge for regulation of the obtained hardness.

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