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Injection device for conveying coating powder

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Injektorvorrichtung zur Beförderung von Beschichtungspulver

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Injecteur pour le transport de poudre de revêtement


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[origin: EP0718047A2] The system has a suction area (8) at the upstream end (18) of the powder passage (4), drawing the powder in via an intake passage (6). One or more air passages (26,28) deliver compressed air (30), drawing the powder into the suction area. A powder barrier with microporous element permeable only to air is mounted in the downstream end of the air passage, and prevents powder penetration into the latter. The powder passage and intake passage can be inclined to each other, being connected by an angular transit passage forming the suction area. On the outside of this passage there can be a stepless curved portion between its two arms (12,14). The powder passage can taper in a stepless cone from the upstream end, at which it is of the same size as the adjacent end of the angular passage.

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