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EP 0718504 B1 2000-05-03 - Mono-block hydraulic control system

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Mono-block hydraulic control system

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Hydraulische Steuervorrichtung in Monoblockbauweise

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Système de commande hydraulique mono-bloc


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[origin: EP0718504A2] A hydraulic control device for raising and lowering a load uses at least two solenoid-driven proportional valves (90,120) and a pressure balance as input for raising the load irrespective of its size. The elements are all in a housing with at least one pump connector, one load connector and one return connector. The valves are in parallel and the electromagnetic drive (91,121) are on the same side, at the same level. The pressure balance (70) is located coaxially by the first valve. There is a channel (55) joining the valves, splitting into two sections (57,58) which intersect the cylinder where the slider (97) of the first valve moves. The slider has control edges (101,102) which can block off the return channel (94).

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