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Staged combustor where full load injectors also containing idling injectors

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Stufenbrennkammer, deren Vollastbrenner auch Leerlaufbrenner enthalten

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Chambre de combustion à deux têtes fonctionnant du ralenti au plein gaz


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[origin: EP0718560A1] The chamber has axial walls (1) and a base panel, with a series of fuel injectors arranged to define a pilot head (20) and an auxiliary take-off head (21) radially spaced from each other. The pilot head has a series of low-speed injectors (22) of a given permeability rate. The auxiliary head has the same number of low-speed injectors (23) of equal permeability, and an equal number of injectors (24) of higher permeability, arranged in alternation around the circumference of the head. The auxiliary head is located radially outside the pilot head, with a further head including air inlets (9a,b), of two alternating sizes corresponding to the two injection heads, located radially outside both.

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