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Cooker with a glass ceramic cooking surface

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Kochapparat mit einem Glaskeramikkochfeld

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Appareil de cuisson avec une surface de cuisson en vitro-céramique


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[origin: EP0718562A2] The cooker has gas jet burners, each of which has a gas supply device with a magnetic valve (4), an igniter (5), a flame monitoring device (8), an on/off switch for the igniter and a microprocessor control device (6) for operating and monitoring the burner. The control device interrogates the monitoring device for the presence of gas flame at a fixed time after ignition of the igniter and switch-on of the magnetic valve. If a gas flame is present the igniter is switched off. If no flame is detected the flame monitoring device is interrogated again after a second time period; if a flame is detected the igniter switched off but if there is till no flame the burner is switched off as faulty.

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