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EP 0719886 B1 2000-05-10 - Iron with a thermal detector for measuring the fabric temperature

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Iron with a thermal detector for measuring the fabric temperature

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Bügeleisen mit einem thermischen Detektor zum Messen der Wäschetemperatur

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Fer à repasser muni d'un détecteur thermique mesurant une température de tissu


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[origin: EP0719886A1] The smoothing iron has a sole plate (11) for sliding over the fabric, a heater, and a thermal detector (13) for measuring the temp. of the fabric during ironing, and adjusting the temp. accordingly. The detector is fixed to the sole plate and insulated form it by a supple cellular plate (110) with a low level of effusion. The plate is designed to keep the detector thermally isolated form the sole plate and to press it flexibly against the fabric being ironed. It is connected to the sole plate by a rigid, thermally-insulating support (120). The cellular plate can be made from felt, low density silicon foam, a honeycomb material, or a combination of felt and honeycomb material. The support can be in two sections, made form materials with different levels of rigidity. The detector can be coated with a thin layer of polyimide or Teflon (RTM).

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