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Sheet and plate of alloyed zinc

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Bänder und Tafeln aus legiertem Zink

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Bandes et plaques en alliage de zinc


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[origin: EP0723028A2] In strips and sheets of alloyed zinc based on fine zinc of at least 99.99% purity with addns. of 0.05-0.2 wt.% Ti, 0.02-0.2 wt.% Cu and 0.005-0.05 wt.% Al, pref. for constructional applications, the novelty comprises either (a) the addn. of 0.005-0.04 wt.% Mg or 0.01-0.1 wt.% Li; or (b) the addn. of 0.005-0.0075 wt.% Mg and 0.01-0.45 wt.% Li. Also claimed are processes for prodn. of the above strips and sheets by continuous casting the above alloys to strip between circulating metal belts, immediately followed by multistage rolling to the prescribed thickness, the last rolling stage being above or below the recrystallisation temp.. Pref. the finish rolling temp. is 100-250 (esp. 100-170) degrees C for the Zn alloy contg. addn. (a). The last rolling stage for the Zn alloy contg. addn. (b) is below the recrystallisation temp., the strip pref. being cold rolled and then reheated at 150-300 degrees C for 0.75-2.5 hrs..

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