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EP 0723920 B1 2000-04-05 - Temporary container for printing ink

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Temporary container for printing ink

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Temporärer Behälter für Druckfarbe

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Récipient temporaire pour encre d'impression


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[origin: EP0723920A1] The container, e.g. for ink used in copper-plate engraving, consists of an outer package (10) of a rigid material, in the shape of a right prism, and an inner package (24) of a flexible material in the form of a back which can be hermetically sealed. The outer package is of cardboard, and preferably corrugated cardboard, and has an octagonal cross-section formed by a square with cut-away corners. It is designed to be carried on a standard European pallet or a sub-division of it, having a width or length of 80 cm. The inner package is made from two lengths of a flexible material, joined by adhesive or welding along their long edges. The flexible material is composite and synthetic, comprising a layer which is impermeable to gas and preferably also to light. It has an inner layer of a polyolefin 70 to 100 mcm thick, an intermediate layer of aluminium 9-12 mcm thick, and an outer polyester layer of 8-15 mcm thick. The inner polyolefin layer can be, for example, of polyethylene, and polyurethane can be used in place of polyester for the outer one.

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