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Roll-up covering device for basins, such as pools

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Aufrollbare Abdeckvorrichtung für Becken, wie Schwimmbädern

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Dispositif de recouvrement enroulable pour bassin, tel qu'une piscine


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[origin: EP0724049A1] The cover consists of a layer (3) of a supple material with dimensions to fit the pool and fastened to transverse reinforcing bars (4). The bars are made from triangular-section extrusions, each with a base (20) which has its ends resting on the edges of the swimming pool and at least one side (21) which faces away from the direction in which the cover is rolled and forms an angle (22) of less than 70 degrees with the base. The reinforcing bars fit into sleeves (25) on the covering layer's upper surface or, in a variant each one can be in the form of an extrusion with grooves along its two opposite sides to receive separate sections of the cover. The cover is made from a synthetic, e.g. composite, material.

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