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EP 0724205 B1 2000-04-05 - Watch with a radio signal controlled correction function

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Watch with a radio signal controlled correction function

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Uhr mit durch Funksignale kontrolierter Korrekturfunktion

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Montre avec fonction de correction par signal radio


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[origin: EP0724205A2] In a multifunction watch having as an object the provision of a radio-signal-controlled time correction function, a receiving enabling means (41) is provided which enables operation of a time code receiving means (42) only when a display contents selection means is selecting the contents of a time-measuring means. Additionally, either a function mode stopping means which stops the function mode operating means or a function mode display prohibiting means is provided for the case in which this receiving enabling means is enabling operation of the time code receiving means. This enables the achievement of a high-performance receiving circuit by preventing the simultaneous operation of the time code receiving means and the function mode operating means, the latter operating at high speed and having a high noise level, which leads to deterioration of receiving performance. <IMAGE>

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