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Roof cover plate with lead-through

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Dacheindeckungsplatte mit Dachdurchführung

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Panneau de couverture à traversée de toit


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[origin: WO9421872A1] The invention relates to a roof cover plate (1) with a lead-through in the form of an adjustable-inclination pipe (2) reaching from the underside of the roof cover plate (1) to above it. The suitable dimensioned through-hole (3) has an upper side in the form of a cupola in the region of the apex of a dome (4) and the pipe (2) has a suitably shaped cover section (5). The superimposition of the cover section (5) on the dome (4) is secured by a support for the pipe (2) on the roof cover plate (1) in the region of the underside of the latter and the pipe (2) is in two parts with a coupling point between the parts arranged in such a way that it is possible to clamp the superimposition of the cover section (5) and the dome (4); to incorporate the articulating dome (4) in a support ensuring a given angled position, it is proposed that the support is provided by a collar (K) on one pipe section (2') which bears on the underside of the dome (4).

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