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Process for detecting error conditions in diesel injection devices

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Verfahren zum Ermitteln von Fehlerzuständen von Dieseleinspritzanlagen

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Procédé de détection de conditions d'erreur de dispositifs d'injection diesel


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[origin: EP0727576A1] The waveforms of pressure at the injectors (1.1a-1.1d) of the four cylinders are detected e.g. by piezoelectric transducers clamped to the injection lines close to the nozzles. The detected waveform for each individual injector is normalised w.r.t. a standard curve and evaluated by comparison. Cross-correlation is performed between discrete values of the waveform sampled at regular intervals. Temporally matched individual injections are extracted from maxima of the cross-correlation function, and matched in terms of amplitude to the standard curve by linear regression.

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