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Door locking device for washing machines

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Türverschlussvorrichtung für Waschmaschinen

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Dispositif de fermeture de porte pour machines à laver


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[origin: EP0728438A1] Door locking device for washing machines, in particular dish-washing machines for industrial use, comprising a single component part mounted in correspondence of the door (6) of these machines, constituted by a switch (29) acting on the machine electric circuit, a shaped nib (19) and a feeler pin element (20) co-operating with the switch (29), pivoted on the nib (19). Such feeler pin element (20) can be moved by the door movement from a lowered to a raised position thereof, when the door is respectively open or closed with respect to the machine, by causing the switch (29) to be respectively actuated on the switched off or on condition thereof. Device of simple and useful type and with easy mounting. <IMAGE>

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