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EP 0728693 B1 2000-07-12 - An apparatus for transporting a web through stations of a working plant

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An apparatus for transporting a web through stations of a working plant

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Vorrichtung zum Transport einer Bahn durch Stationen einer Arbeitsanlage

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Dispositif pour le transport d'une bande à travers des stations d'une ligne de traitement


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[origin: EP0728693A2] A web of plastic or cardboard material is to be transported through a number of working stations such that cards to be produced from said web are properly aligned in each of the stations. For this purpose, the web is releasably coupled with a carrier tape which is stepwisely moved across the stations, the alignment accuracy being defined by series of equidistant perforations cooperating with sprocket drums. The rotation angle of the drums is predetermined by the number of pulses supplied to stepping motors driving the drums. <IMAGE>

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