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Media handling in an ink-jet printer

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Medientransport bei einem Tintenstrahldrucker

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Transport de médias dans une imprimante à jet d'encre


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[origin: EP0729842A2] Described herein is a printer having a printhead (102) which traverses laterally across a sheetlike print medium (110) and which thereby defines a laterally-extending print zone across the print medium. A paper transport mechanism in the printer has drive rollers (114) and associated pinch wheels (180) to drive the print medium through the printer's print zone. The paper transport mechanism further includes an upper print media guide (202) and a lower print medium guide (126). The two print medium guides are shaped at their transverse ends to bow the transverse edges of the print medium downwardly to reduce its tendency to buckle upwardly into the printhead. In order to fit the upper print medium guide into the limited available space above the drive rollers, it is made of a lower molded portion (170) for paper contact and an upper backing portion (172) for rigidity. A pinch finger (191) extends toward the printer's print zone beyond the pinch wheels to establish a pinch point (192) against the drive roller in near proximity to the print zone. To facilitate ejection of printed pages, the upper print medium guide is formed with a series of ribs (204) which contact the paper. The ribs reduce friction and static buildup, and make it easier to push the paper from the paper transport mechanism. <IMAGE>

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