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EP 0731185 B1 20000119 - Alumium-copper-magnesium alloy sheets with low residual stresses

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Alumium-copper-magnesium alloy sheets with low residual stresses

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Aluminium-Kupfer-Magnesiumbleche mit niedrigen Restspannungen

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Tôles en alliage Al-Cu-Mg à faible niveau de contraintes résiduelles


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[origin: EP0731185A1] An alloy comprises mainly Al with 3.5-5 wt.% Cu, 1.0-2.0% Mg, 0-0.25% Si, 0-0.025% Fe, 0-0.55% Mn and less than 0.25% total of other elements. The value of Mn-2Fe is between 0 and 0.2%. The level of recrystallisation in a piece of the alloy is more than 50% throughout, with no more than 35% variation between the surface and the centre. A bar of alloy which has been tempered and stretched, possibly annealed, then machined to half its thickness and placed on two spaced supports show a degree of bending given by F.E. is less than 0.14L<2>, pref. less than 0.04L<2>, where F is the bend in microns, E is the bar thickness in mm, and L the support spacing in mm.

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