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EP 0731243 B1 20000503 - Bolt with a disengageable rotor and car steering column lock with such a bolt

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Bolt with a disengageable rotor and car steering column lock with such a bolt

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Riegel mit entkuppelbarem Rotor und Automobillenkschloss mit einem solchen Riegel

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Verrou à rotor débrayable et antivol de direction de véhicule automobile équipé d'un tel verrou


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[origin: EP0731243A1] The bolt (14) has a rotor (34) revolving in an intermediate stator (38) also rotating in the bolt fixed body. Pairs of locking pistons engage the rotor and intermediate stator (38) to make them rotate together in the absence of a key. The key comprises an indexing finger (68) which angularly indexes the intermediate stator relative to the fixed body which can move radially between indexing and retracted positions. The finger is returned by a spring (132) into its indexing position where it is received in a groove (50) in the fixed body. In the retracted position it is withdrawn radially inwards into a housing in the rotor, against a spring force. An outlet part (92) rotating in the bolt fixed body is connected to rotate with the rotor by a releasable drive (120). The drive release is caused by indexing the stator when it is in the retracted position. The release drive immobilises the outlet part in rotation relative to the bolt fixed body when they are in the released position under the action of the finger.

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