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EP 0731247 B1 2000-04-19 - Device for securing a shutter windable about a shaft

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Device for securing a shutter windable about a shaft

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Vorrichtung zur Sicherung eines auf eine Welle wickelbaren Verschlusses

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Dispositif de sécurité d'un volet enroulable autour d'un arbre


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[origin: EP0731247A2] The device has at least two lockable and unlockable interacting securing rods (3.1,3.2) which are mounted between the shaft (2) and the roller shutter (1) which winds up on same. In the locked state the securing rods lock the lowered shutter against rising up. In the unlocked state the securing rods can be wound up onto the shaft. The number of securing rods can be such that in the locked state at least the area between the inlet into the side guide (1.1) of the shutter and shaft is bridged. The securing rods can be profiled and connected together so that in the locked state they are pushed in each other and in the unlocked state when extended from each other they are connected together by articulated joints.

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