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EP 0731532 B1 2000-07-12 - Connector for airbag igniter

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Connector for airbag igniter

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Verbinder für Airbag-Zünder

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Connecteur pour allumeur d'un airbag


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[origin: EP0731532A1] The connector comprises a plug (1) with socket contacts (2) with a wire connection side and a side receiving contact pins (6) extending from a socket (8) located on the airbag igniter. The connector is "non-serviceable", i.e., once it is mated with the ignition, it can only be unmated by use of a special tool. A snap-on cover (9) assures retention of the cable (4), and a downwardly projecting element (40) engages an aperture (50) in the igniter socket (8) to permit 360 DEG positioning of the plug and the application of torque. <IMAGE>

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