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A bed, in particular nursing bed

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Bett, insbesondere Pflegebett

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Lit, notamment lit de soins


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[origin: EP0732070A1] The invention relates to a bed, in particular nursing bed, provided with a bed frame (1), that is supported, in a cantilever fashion, by a supporting and guiding device (6) positioned on one side of said frame (1), wherein said frame is vertically adjustable by means of a drive means (13,13A). According to the invention said frame (1) has, at its supported side (1A), a supporting lever (2) extending from the plane of the said frame (1), said lever (2) being, adjacent its upper end (3), pivotally attached to a bracket (4A) that is mounted for up and down movements along said supporting and guiding device (6), while bearing adjacent its lower end (14) onto a guiding surface (15A) that changes, at a location where a downward bed frame movement passes beyond a (lower) operative horizontal position, from a vertical plane into a plane that slopes towards the non supported side of said frame. <IMAGE>

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