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EP 0732268 B1 20000202 - Folding box particullarly for storing and display of goods

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Folding box particullarly for storing and display of goods

Title (de)

Faltschachtel, insbes. zur Aufbewahrung und Präsentation von Waren

Title (fr)

Boîte pliante, notamment pour la conservation et la présentation de marchandises


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0732268A1] The lower box part (1) consists of base and top sections (5,6), connected via front and rear side walls (7). The top section has circumferential edge ledges (9), with two parallel frame ledges (11) connected to two opposite ledges. Frame and edge ledges, and side walls, form a first pair of parallel frame sides, one of which engages on the inside of the base. The edges of the base at right angles to the side walls, are connected to four parallel frame ledges (13,14,15), form a second pair of parallel frame sides, and enclose the parallel upper edge of the top section. The outermost frame ledge forming the free end, engages on the inside in the base section.

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