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EP 0732300 B1 20000112 - Mobile working apparatus

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Mobile working apparatus

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Mobiles Arbeitsgerät

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Engin mobile de travail


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[origin: EP0732300A2] At least two supports (1,4) fitted on one of the free frame sides (36) with their adjustment devices (21,22) can be brought into a transport position and moved together out of their support position. The two brought-together supports with at least one connecting device (7,8) are connectable to a triangularly-shaped shaft unit (6). The connecting device comprises an elbow lever unit (81,91), which engages in a clamp hook loop. One elbow lever unit is arranged on one of the outsides and in the area of the free ends of the two supports and one clamp hook loop on one of the outsides in a triangular locating console.

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