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EP 0732472 B1 20000202 - Improved device for locking bolts in a safety door

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Improved device for locking bolts in a safety door

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Einrichtung zum Blockieren von Riegeln in einer Sicherheitstür

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Dispositif pour le blocage de pênes dans une porte de sécurité


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[origin: EP0732472A2] The device for locking the bolt in a safety door, comprises a casing (1) provided with a hole (16) for the passage of a bolt (17) and adapted to be arranged in a seat formed in the upper edge of a door hinged to a door frame which is fixed to a wall. A spring-loaded sensor (19) is slideable in the casing (1) and has a chamfered end (30) which cooperates with the upper transverse member (33) of the door frame. A transversely movable pin (25) is arranged in the sensor (19), and has opposite ends engaged in slots (26,27) of the casing (1) that are shaped so as to lock the bolt (17) in a retracted position when the sensor (19) is expelled from the casing (1) by the action of a spring (31). The casing (1) is accommodated loosely in a cavity (14) formed in the upper rail of the door and comprises a flange (5) in which holes (6,7) are formed. The holes (6,7) are loosely engaged by bushes (8,9) which are rigidly coupled to a plate (10) that is superimposed on the flange (5), and are fixed by screws (11) to the upper rail of the door. The bushes (8,9) have a height which is greater than the thickness of the flange (5), so that by abutting against the upper rail of the door they allow tilting movements of the casing (1) in the cavity (14). <IMAGE>

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