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A fuel supply system for internal combustion engines

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Brennstoffversorgungssystem für Brennkraftmaschinen

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Système d'alimentation de carburant pour moteurs à combustion interne


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[origin: US5765535A] A fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine in which an electrical fuel pump pumps fuel from a fuel tank to a fuel distributor and a pressure switch is connected to respond to the pressure of the fuel. The pressure switch is electrically connected to connect and disconnect electrical power supply to the fuel pump as a function of lower and upper threshold values of pressure of the pumped fuel. The pressure switch contain a storage chamber which stores fuel when the fuel pump is operative and when the pump is disconnected, the storage chamber supplies the stored fuel to the full distributor with no back flow to the fuel tank. A pressure reducing regulator is located between the pressure switch and the fuel distributor to reduce the pressure of the fuel supplied to the distributor to a value lower than the pressure of the fuel at the pressure switch.

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