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Reference current generator in CMOS technology

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Referenzstromgenerator in CMOS-Technologie

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Générateur de courant de référence en technologie CMOS


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[origin: EP0733961A1] In the current generator circuit a first current mirror (MP1,MP2) is formed with two circuit branches intended to be connected between two supply terminals (VDD,VSS). Ends of the branches comprise transistors (MP1,MN1;MP2,MN2) of opposite conductivity types connected in series. The second current mirror (MP1,MP3) generates an image (13) of the current (11) flowing in one of the branches. An active component (MN4) forming a variable conductance is mounted in series with the branch and is controlled in such a way that its value varies linearly with the current image (13). This conductance thus carries a current whose strength depends solely on the technological characteristics of the active component.

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